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Trends in Sustainability for Luxury Homes: 5 Ways a Home Can Be More Energy Efficient

Trends in Sustainability for Luxury Homes: 5 Ways a Home Can Be More Energy Efficient

Making a home energy efficient is top of the mind with a lot of homeowners, and sustainability is a must for luxury homeowners. At Ramos Design Build we consider sustainability and energy efficiency to be key factors with every home we build, especially when building in Coastal Florida.

Here are five key things that make a home more energy efficient and sustainable.

1. Utilize Energy Efficient Appliances

Luxury homeowners are spending more time in the kitchen than ever. The trend today is toward having more time with the family, cooking and entertaining in one’s home, so energy efficient appliances are a must. At Ramos Design Build, when we outfit a kitchen, we use only high quality, appliances from Sub-Zero and Wolf that are rated for the highest available energy efficiency. They’re also attractive and easy to clean.

2. High-Efficiency Insulation

This is actually the biggest factor in overall efficiency. Make sure your home is as well insulated and air-sealed as possible to prevent heat escape. When building a new luxury home, you can choose energy-saving insulation which will bring down your power usage and the cost of heating and air conditioning the home. It’s good for the environment and your wallet. Ask your builder what insulation is best for the location your home will be built.

3. Energy Efficient Heating and Coolin

If possible, use as efficient, cheap, or low-carbon a source of energy as possible. Let’s assume you already know how important proper sealing and insulation is, and that you’re going to take care of that no matter what. The most efficient and sustainable choice for home heating is Solar heating. If you’re building a brand, new home, consider incorporating Solar panels. In Florida, you will still need to use conventional power and may be restricted as to what’s available in your area, but the addition of Solar will keep costs down and be an environmentally sound decision.

4. High-Efficiency Windows If you live near a coast or where hurricanes or tornados can be an issue, choose top of the line, reinforced windows that can withstand high winds. You should also consider storm shutters. Regardless of storms, choosing energy efficient windows means less noise pollution in the home and far less use of energy. Windows in older homes that have not be upgraded are one of the main reason for high energy consumption. They do not create the seal needed to keep the elements out and the energy from your cooling and heating systems in.

5. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are essential, particularly in the master bedroom and the main living areas, especially in warm climates like Florida. A top-quality ceiling fan can drop the temperature in a room as much as 10 degrees. This means less use of air conditioning in those muggy summer months and therefore less wasted energy. Plus, an attractive ceiling fan can enhance the look of any room. There are so many choices now from tropical to traditional styles. Have your design team show you some options when building your luxury home.

If you’re considering building a luxury home on the West Coast of Florida, contact Ramos Design Build. We will be happy to work with you to build a home that is both beautiful and sustainable. We take conservation and energy efficiency seriously.


About James Ramos

Home building isn’t just a tradition in the Ramos family; it’s a legacy. Since 1956, the Ramos family has been a part of thousands of successful commercial and residential construction projects across the United States. James Ramos is currently President and CEO of Ramos Design Build. Ramos Design Build offers a turn-key approach for commercial and residential projects including new construction, renovations, additions, and restoration. The firm has won numerous accolades including seven Aurora Awards and four Best of Houzz Design Awards. An accomplished author, James is passionate about streamlining the steps associated with real estate transactions. In addition to Ramos Design Build, James owns Dakota Kitchen and Bath Cooperative and one of the fastest growing Re/Max franchises in the United States. James holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and an MBA from Emory University.

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