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The Ramos Way

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The Ramos Way

At Ramos Companies, we are dedicated to making sure that your every need is addressed during the construction process. We provide our customers with a concierge level of service before, during, and after the construction process. Ramos Design Build uses a proprietary 12-step construction process to deliver each of our homes in a consistent and professional manner, regardless of the project's size.

Why Ramos COnstruction?


Over the years, Ramos Construction has perfected the Ramos Way. 

This gives us the opportunity to fulfil our promise of a 5-Star experience for everyone.

There are 3 reasons why we can make this pledge: 

1. Our Process

2. Our Team

3. Our Execution


Our Process:

Ramos Construction understands that you want your own special place that reflects your personal style and taste. Our process allows you to describe what you want, the design team draws it, you approve it, and Ramos builds it. 


Ramos Construction assembles a team for each project, based on trust, in collaboration with architects and interior designers. We use top sub-contractors and suppliers to guarantee the highest quality building standards and a 5-Star client experience. 


Our clients expect the best and refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to the requirements of time, budget, design, and craftsmanship. Years of experience have increased our expertise and capacity to integrate state-of-the-art systems and value engineering, as well as practical solutions to unique, and common design challenges. 

The Steps on the Ramos Way

We work to understand your needs and develop your vision.

The first step in our collaborative building process is to discuss your needs, understand your lifestyle, and define a vision. We develop a vision brief, define a timeline, and educate you on our 12-step engagement process. A clear vision provides a basis to begin the design process.



Our team meets with you to discuss your needs, understand your lifestyle, and determine your vision.

Vision Brief, Timeline, References, & FAQ's

We document your vision and provide education on how to approach the design process.

Letter of Engagement & Deposit

We provide a Letter of Engagement, and collect an initial deposit to officially begin the design process.

We believe that building a family home must start on a firm foundation

The second step in the process is to research the construction site, design the project, and establish a detailed budget. We assemble a team consisting of an Architect, Designer, and any needed Contractors that work in conjunction to ensure that every detail is addressed. Our proprietary hybrid construction agreements provide a layer of transparency, flexibility, and comfort to the process.

Preliminary plan, design, & surveys

Our cross-functional team works together to design the home, perform soil studies, BTT surveys, and otherwise prepare for construction

Specifications &

Cost Estimate

The design is then used to create a detailed construction plan that includes materials, budgets, and timelines.

Final contract, timeline, & financing

We develop the final contract and provide you with financial options to begin construction.

Executing the plan and building the home

The third step in our process encompasses the tasks necessary to build and finish the home. We help you select the finishes, pull permits, build the structure, integrate mechanicals, and finish the interior. These are the special details that make the home unique and specific to your family's needs. We provide you with an online construction portal so that you are informed on each detail throughout the process. On remodel projects, we leverage our Construction Clean Process that uses Visqueen, HEPA filters, and negative pressure air to ensure that your home remains clean through the project.

Architectural construction docs

We create blueprints, establish selection, schedule, and pull the necessary permits for construction.



Our team executes the plan including site preparation, building of the shell, and incorporation of the mechanicals.



We inject insulation, hang sheetrock, finish the interior, and develop the landscape and hardscape.

Making the house a home

The final step of The Ramos Way ensures that the home is ready for your family. We invite you to do a final walk-through and we brief you on the technology incorporated within your new home. Any issues discovered are addressed, the construction is warranted, and you are offered an optional home maintenance plan. Finally, we continue the relationship built through the construction process by inviting you to one of our Ramos Signature Home Owner Dinners.

Walk-through &


Our team invites you to inspect the construction and they address any issues that are identified.

Construction Warranty

Ramos Companies stands behind its work and provides a comprehensive construction warranty.



We offer a builder-driven maintenance program that addresses common items, including the changing of A/C filters and light bulbs.

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