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Join the Verified Vendor Program

Become Verified with DDBC

Your home shapes who you are and provides a setting where memories will be created that will last a lifetime, and something this important needs to be made and maintained with care. We at Ramos Companies had a vision of creating a central location where you could find the best of the best contractors and practitioners to work on your home. A place where those practitioners could collaborate on ideas and develop innovative projects, and that would attract customers looking for the finest in architectural, brokerage, and design products and services.

Thus, we created the Dakota Design Build Cooperative, or DDBC. This program allows us to verify that our vendors, designers, and service providers maintain the same standard to which we hold ourselves, and provides a co-working space for respected professionals. This cooperative attracts customers looking for real estate services and provides a bridge to introduce members to exclusive and sought-after projects. We invite you to experience the Dakota Design Build Cooperative and hope that we play a role in bringing your family back to the table.


Member Benefits

As the saying goes, memership has is perks, and at the DDBC, we have many levels of membership that provide different benefits and levels of flexibility. We treat our members as an extension of our business and provide many networking and marketing opportunities - even an opportunity to create podcasts and broadcast from our professional sound room. Wholesale pricing, educational events, meeting space, and private offices are all available within the cooperative.

Our membership levels include:

  • Pro - For licensed professionals who wish to be directly involved in design, architecture, construction or real-estate

  • Allied - For members who seek to provide products or services that are offered through the DDBC

  • Associate - Unlicensed professionals interested in aligning with the DDBC

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