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Design Spotlight - Mar. 2021

White kitchen cabinets are a classic and beautiful blank canvas that allows other special elements to shine. This kitchen renovation is no exception!

By tearing down the wall that divides the space, we were not only able to create the open concept that the client desired, but we also invited the beautiful views of the Bay into this space. There were a few challenges with this renovation, including level differences in the ceiling and pipe relocations, but with proper study and attention to detail we handled them successfully.

In order to represent the water just outside of this home we are installing a zellige tile from Morocco. The tile brings an organic feel with its movement and a sense of calm with its glaze of celadons, tans and the occasional flash of ocean blues. The contrast with the white cabinets and walls allows this beautiful tile to really shine.

This calming atmosphere in combination with new appliances is the perfect place to cook a new dish or just admire a beautiful sunset!

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