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Ramos Construction Transforms Dakota Spa Salon Suites

The Ramos Construction team has been hard at work bringing Dakota Spa Salon Suites to life. Managed by the esteemed Dakota Workspaces, this unique space offers spa and salon professionals an opportunity to thrive in an industry that's witnessing remarkable growth in co-working spaces and private offices.

The interiors of Dakota Spa Salon Suites exude the charm of farmhouse chic design, radiating warmth, authenticity, and elegance. This aesthetic promises not only a serene experience for clients but also a daily workspace that inspires and invigorates its professionals.

For Individual Spa and Salon Professionals:

  • Personalized Space: Our suites, available in various sizes and layouts, are meticulously designed for those seeking their own private haven. Whether you're a hairstylist, esthetician, masseuse, or nail technician, these suites provide the perfect backdrop to grow your clientele and establish your brand.

  • Fully Equipped: Say goodbye to logistical concerns. Each suite comes furnished with shampoo/wash sinks, ensuring you have the essentials to start right away. With on-site laundry facilities and a cutting-edge booking system at your fingertips, your focus remains solely on your craft and clients.

  • Flexibility & Independence: With our month-to-month leasing options, you have the freedom to define your professional journey on your terms.

For Aspiring Spa Owners or Expansionists:

  • Expansive Space: With a generous 3,168 square feet at your disposal, envision your dream spa or salon coming to life. Our space offers a canvas that's ready to be tailored to your unique vision and brand.

  • Proven Success: The location boasts a legacy of success, previously housing a thriving spa business for over 12 years. This presents a lucrative opportunity for those wanting to establish or expand their spa or salon enterprise in a proven locale.

  • Customization Opportunity: Collaborate with Dakota Workspaces' architects to shape the layout, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your business model and aesthetic aspirations.

Whether you're an individual looking to branch out on your own or an entrepreneur seeking to make a mark in the spa and salon industry, Dakota Spa Salon Suites provides an unparalleled opportunity.

Secure your suite or take over the entire space, and turn your professional dreams into reality. Reach out to or visit to explore your future in this exceptional workspace.

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