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Design Spotlight - Jan. 2021

Apartment kitchen renovations are a completely different animal than a single-family home kitchen renovation. You have to be very mindful of their inherently small footprints and existing structure limitations, such as columns and load bearing walls. Our client, who lives in a 1974 high-rise had two main priorities: an open concept kitchen and higher ceilings.

The first request was easily achieved by simply removing the wall to the dining room. The second request was executed by relocating existing AC ducts, which is more intricate. By raising the ceiling, we were able to add a 3rd row of cabinets with glass doors so the client can display her fine china pieces.

For a more organic and playful feel, we installed a slightly textured backsplash tile. The crisp clean porcelain floors with matte finish showcase a circular print featuring contrasting shades of coastal gray nestled gently on a white background. Lastly, the two-toned cabinets complement the color palette creating more depth in this petite yet functional and bright galley kitchen.

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