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Design Spotlight - December 2021

Our latest renovation design project features a bedroom and bathroom addition, dedicated office space, entryway updates, exterior updates and living room built-ins.We designed the new rooms to maximize the space in the home and update the overall design with a high-end, modern look.

The client’s father recently moved in with the family and they desired a new space to make him feel at home. We designed a dedicated bedroom and bathroom addition to provide their father with his own private space to feel comfortable in.

The entryway will be extended to align with the new addition. The Ramos design team added a skylight to the entryway to provide more natural light and wall paneling to create a seamless look with the new addition.

The Ramos design team also created a dedicated home office space with built-in desks, custom storage solutions and built-in cabinetry. This beautiful and functional home office will create a modern solution for the client to work efficiently and stay organized.

Living room built-ins are a great way to add design and function to your living room. The built-in shelving in this design allows space to display personal home accessories and the cabinets below provide additional storage solutions for the homeowner. The built-ins create a stunning focal point in the living room.

The exterior of the home will also be receiving a few new design updates, including updating the pavers in the driveway and front yard, adding a low wall with wrought iron fence in the front of the house for safety and updating the front door.

Now that these 3D home renovation renderings are finalized and approved, we will be collaborating with the client on estimating and permitting the project then moving into the build phase. Stay tuned to see future progress updates.

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