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Design Spotlight - August 2021

The Ramos team was hired to maximize the space and potential of this homeowner’s guestroom, playroom, and entryway. The owners requested an en suite bathroom addition in their guest room to provide guests with their own private space. The full bathroom addition is designed within the existing space. The client wanted a clean, simple design with a pop of color which we achieved through blue cabinetry.

The client also has an existing room that is currently an unfinished playroom. The Ramos design team embraced that idea and developed a design that adds storage and a small seating area making it feel cozier and 'loungy'. 

In addition, the client wanted to maximize the functionality of their entryway by adding additional storage and a small bench. The additional storage in the entryway is ideal for shoes, coats, and toys to keep their children’s things organized and easily accessible.

There is a potential 2nd phase for this Tampa home renovation, which will include enlarging the client’s porch. 

After these 3D home renovation renderings are finalized and approved, the client will move into the build phase.

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