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Design Spotlight - Apr. 2021

Remodeling a historic home is a one-of-a-kind experience where you have the opportunity to contribute to the history and architecture of a community by restoring a structure, preserving its character and its charm.

This full-home renovation project, located in a Historic District of Tampa, is divided in three phases, with the guest house being the first plan of action.

Our clients main requests were an open concept multi-use space with an outdoor kitchen on the bottom floor and an office that could easily convert into a guest bedroom on the top floor.

As a testament to the historic roots, we are installing a modern take on a very popular cement tile as the kitchenette backsplash and using black, white and oak tones as the main color palette for its classic and timeless attributes.

Pieces with a more traditional look such as sinks, faucets and paneling details are being incorporated in the design, bringing personality to the project for a sense of continuity between exterior and interior worlds.

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