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Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation

Updated: May 25, 2021

Now that you have decided to renovate your kitchen and bring some new life to your house, we have outlined kitchen renovation ideas to get you started. Many homeowners know that they want a new kitchen but are not yet sure exactly what they want to replace and redesign. Based on our experience, we have developed the below roadmap to inspire renovation ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Start at the sink

When designing a kitchen, primarily consider function; a useful kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. For this reason, the first thing you should consider when renovating or redesigning your kitchen is the location of the sink, as it is the fixture that you interact with the most. You should position your kitchen sink in a place where you have a prep space nearby and avoid placing it directly next to another appliance, to maximize functionality. To help with the flow, use “the kitchen triangle” theory. This theory is based on the notion that all the primary tasks in a kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink, and the refrigerator. When these three elements form a triangle, the kitchen will be easy and efficient to use, cutting down on wasted steps. When selecting the fixture for your new sink, consider a deeper sink as it can help conceal dirty pots and dishes.

select durable surfaces

There are many options for countertops that can provide an amazing conversation piece or decorative focal point for your kitchen, but above all else you should choose something durable. Options such as a quartz or granite countertop allow for a beautiful surface finish and still offer the functionality and durability expected by high-end chefs. However, a durable countertop can be particularly expensive for a low-budget renovation, which means it’s not always an option for all homeowners, but if you can afford it, it is an option that will be well worth the expense.

Choose the right cabinetry

Cabinetry is often considered the jewelry of the kitchen, so choosing the right kind of cabinets for your kitchen design is paramount. You may not need to tear out and replace your cabinetry when redesigning; updating your kitchen cabinets can be as simple as a good paint job and replacing the handle fixtures. If you are planning on completely replacing your cabinets, start with the door style first. The design style will influence the entire style of your kitchen. Once you have narrowed down a style focus on the color and finish. After you have decided on the look of the cabinets, don’t forget to consider function with things like plate drawers, built-in spice racks, pull-outs and pot organizers.

Lighten up the room

Kitchen lighting is very important to set the right mood and functionality, but it’s often ignored when designing a renovation. A well-chosen lighting package can provide light as needed for your kitchen but can also tie together a room and even be a decorative focus. The type of lighting you choose can have a large effect on the aesthetics of a room, and thus the decision should not be taken lightly. Undercabinet lighting, for example, can provide all the light you need to use your kitchen without having a lighting fixture sticking out from your designs, but pendant lighting can provide a conversation piece and light up the room more efficiently. Whatever type of lighting you choose, make sure it provides the lighting you require for your kitchen.

Consider the kitchen island

The kitchen island provides valuable functionality to your home. It provides more surface area for you to work with while cooking and can provide a seating area or gathering space for guests. Many recent renovations feature a kitchen island with cabinet styles and colors that differ from the rest of the kitchen. You may even consider installing the sink on an island, to keep it at a central location within your kitchen.

Hopefully, these kitchen renovation ideas left you feeling inspired to get started. If you are still unsure of where to begin, consider hiring a professional interior designer to handle the planning and even the execution.

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