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Project Spotlight - Dec. 2020

Mediterranean style kitchens have long been popular for their rich colors and elegance. The Mediterranean kitchen design appeals to many homeowners who are seeking a welcoming and relaxing for their kitchen. This design style can be timeless, if done right.

As with the Mediterranean culture, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the gathering place for friends and family to create memories and share delicious meals. The Mediterranean style is all about creating an inviting atmosphere with low light and a warm, earthy color palette inspired by the hues of the region.

When it comes to materials, Mediterranean kitchens tend toward natural ones, including tile, stone, and wood. Dark, high-quality hardwood surfaces with light, sandy tans and mellow cream walls and floors are common.

Curves are an integral part of styles such as Tuscan and Spanish, a curved kitchen island can add grandeur with a vintage touch.

The overall design combines boldness and simplicity to create an elegant, classy, and timeless space. Features like wrought iron chandeliers, wood beams, and stone accents add texture and warmth. It is extremely important to invest in quality materials and features to achieve the right look and ensure a longer shelf life.

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