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Decontamination service

Starting April 1st

Ramos Companies now offers decontamination services under the purview of Ramos Construction.

  • Indoor air contains up to 1000% more toxins than outdoor air

  • The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top 5 envrionmental dangers.

  • COVID-19 spreads primarily through the air by coughing or sneezing, and has the potential to remain active in the air for up to 3 hours.

The chemical formula we use contains compounds that can completely destroy pathogens like the Hepatitis C virus, Rotavirus, SARS Associated Coronavirus, and Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) within 1 minute of contact, and can be used effectively against Coronavirus-Wuhan (COVID-19), as it exceeds the criteria set by the EPA. 

Decontamination - An Introduction by James Ramos
Watch our fogging crew in action!

Frequently Asked Questions


The EPA and the CDC have generated a list of cleaners that are capable of neutralizing or destroying the COVID-19 virus on surfaces and in the air. Our chemical product has Quaternary Ammonium and Hydrogen Peroxide as the main active ingredients, which are effective according to this list. The list can be found on this website.



We use electrostatic fogging equipment to turn our chemical into a mist that coats surfaces and disinfects the air, and combined with the effectiveness of our chemical, means that most spaces can be disinfected in less than 3 hours, and can be safely re-entered in less than 2 hours after it’s been cleared of contaminants. Thusly, this process is easily able to be arranged over the weekends, or overnight for businesses that are open 7 days a week, with no interruption to regular services. 



Due to the nature of bacterial pathogens, it’s impossible for an area that is disinfected to remain disinfected for very long. The more people come into contact with any given surface, the quicker it is no longer considered disinfected, which means that it is possible for a location to lose all the benefits of being disinfected with our unique system just a few hours after opening. This is why we offer repeated services and will come up with a plan that will help you determine how often you need to disinfect your area based on how well-trafficked it is; an office building with 3 employees will require less frequent applications than a shopping mall that sees 3000 people daily, and we will take this into account when we help you come up with a service plan.



While many COVID-effective cleaners are available for sale at your local convenience and hardware stores, our unique fogger delivery method provides effective cleaning in less than half the time it would take to clean and disinfect by hand. Our chemical will eliminate airborne and surface contaminants, including the COVID-19 virus, within less than a minute of contact and the fog’s gaseous nature allows it to enter spaces and crevices that would be hard or impossible to reach with traditional disinfectant sprays and wipes. 





Our fogging equipment can disperse our chemical up to 22 feet away, so rooms with a ceiling height of 20 feet or less will not see any difference in fogging costs. Should your ceiling be higher than this, we may require ladders or even special lift equipment to reach these heights, and more chemicals must be used to disinfect the area. 




Most surfaces do not need to be wiped down, but we recommend that you wipe down hard, horizontal surfaces, especially if they have been polished, to avoid risk of slippage. While the chemical doesn’t leave toxic residues on surfaces, floors and hard horizontal surfaces collect most of the fog particles, and can still be slick after the application from chemical that may not have fully evaporated. 



Many companies offer decontamination services that are purported to eliminate the COVID-19 virus just as effectively as our product. The most common chemical formulas used are called Vita Oxide and Proxitane AHC, but neither formula is as effective as our own. Vita Oxide contains two different forms of Quaternary Ammonium as their active ingredients, and Proxitane AHC contains Hydrogen Peroxide, as well as some secondary peroxides as their active ingredients. Our product is more effective than either of these, as it contains both Hydrogen Peroxide and Quaternary Ammonium in a two-part chemical formula designed to destroy and neutralize any airborne pathogens. Additionally, both of these competitor's products contain secondary chemicals that can be harmful to humans and animals, such as the potentially highly corrosive peroxyacetic acid. Finally, our chemical formula has a 7-log kill rate, meaning that it neutralizes 99.99999% of airborne pathogens, whereas most competitor chemicals do not exceed a 5-log kill rate.

Our MAterials

We use a unique fogging system that addresses airborne and surface contaminants.

  • The fogging solution neutralizes coronavirus on contact, both airborne and on surfaces, killing 99.99999% of all bacteria, viruses, airborne pathogens, and mold spores within minutes.

  • Our materials are non-toxic to people and pets, and the fog dissipates quickly, allowing for safe re-entry after a mere few hours, rather than the days that other chemicals may need to fully dissipate. 

  • This chemical formula has been deemed safe for all industrial and household surfaces, and is ideal for use in hospitals, cruise ships, nursing homes, fitness clubs, office spaces, childcare facilities, cafeterias, veterinary clinics, hospice care sites, and any densely populated area, making it ideal to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Clients

Ramos Construction, a subsidiary of Ramos Companies*, is a Florida Licensed General Contractor whom works on projects ranging from ground up to renovation and commercial to residential. We are dedicated to making sure that your every need is addressed during the construction process. We provide our customers with a concierge level of service before, during, and after the construction process. Ramos Construction uses a proprietary 12-step construction process to deliver each of our projects in a consistent and professional manner, regardless of size.

The Ramos Family has been part of thousands of successful commercial and residential construction projects in the Southeast U.S. since 1956.


*Ramos Companies is a diversified real estate services organization. For more information, visit

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