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Police and goons don’t want Suhani, so they ask Captain Jahan to bring her home, and he agrees. Suhani’s brother is imprisoned for his political views. On the way to freedom, Suhani and Jahan fall in love. Now Suhani has to go with Jahan and be rescued from the captivity of his family.[Indication of gamma-globulin in the treatment of lymphoid dysfunctions]. The paper is concerned with the results of therapy in a number of 121 patients with humoral immunodeficiency diseases (X-chromosome defect in 46,2%, lymphogranulomatosis in 26,1%, chronic lymphoid leukemia in 20,5%). The best therapeutic results were obtained in chronic lymphoid leukemia with activated (APC) deficient immune response. Administration of immunoglobulin in a dose of 100-200 mg/kg at once was well tolerated and produced a rapid increase of phagocytosis in neutrophils as well as a regression of specific lymphocyte immune reactivity. The data suggest that the clinical efficacy of the drug (in a dose of 100-200 mg/kg) in the patients with humoral immunodeficiency and in APC-deficient chronic lymphoid leukemia.A new and unusual member of the genus Pseudomonas is proposed to include five environmental isolates, all of which were recovered from compost. The classification of these organisms is currently in flux, and the name Planctomyces brasiliensis is proposed to accommodate the taxon. With these organisms and other members of the genus, this is the first report of Planctomyces in the compost environment. The type strain of this bacterium was isolated from the bottom of a lake at a compost plant located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Description of Planctomyces brasiliensis sp. nov. Planctomyces brasiliensis is an aerobic, motile, Gram-negative, straight or slightly curved rod (0.7-1.0x2.2-4.0 µm) that can grow in a wide range of temperatures (4-30°C). The growth media tested included aerobic and anaerobic broths, tryptic soy agar, casamino acids agar, and agar containing varying concentrations of sodium chloride. Colonies that develop on nutrient agar are pale, convex, flat, and translucent. The colonies develop within 48




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